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Misti Caputo

As a well known go-to Broker in the Southwest Florida Real Estate market. For over 20 years she has established a steadfast reputation for being a trusted leader and mentor for many aspiring agents. ​Her technical acumen is unmatched and she is often sought after by her peers to help form strategies that provide the best value for their clientele. Additionally, Misti foresaw the collapse of the 2008 market and began an outreach program to help hundreds of people regain a quality of life for themselves and family by becoming a top consultant as a credit restoration specialist. So successful in her 10 years of business, it is now nationwide; many of her clients are highly successful and require the utmost in confidentiality. She prides herself on understanding credit laws and how to present the best solution for corrective measures that demand creditors and collection agencies to act faithfully in favor of her clients. “The client comes first” policy is so well received by all of her patrons that much of her base comes by referral. She knows that this business can be very perplexing, however, her advice is presented with such a rational approach that it is very easy for all to grasp.  Frequently combining her knowledge of Real Estate application with Credit Repair Servicing to provide an advantage for her clients. She is now creating a business strategy program will allow many of her clients to participate in various opportunities that will help achieve their financial goals.

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